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Our free eBooks cover a variety of helpful subjects, from recipe books, to workout challenges, and more!

eBooks & Guides

Some people think that eating healthily means sacrificing taste. These ebooks are packed with healthy recipes that prove that that's not true!

Nutrition & Recipe eBooks

Tasty Sauces, Marinades & Salad Dressings

Recipe eBook

Who says healthy eating has to be bland? (Not us!)Inside you’ll find more than a dozen recipes that will elevate almost any meal – from homemade spicy Buffalo Sauce and Avocado-Wasabi Sauce to zesty Lime-Mango Dressing and even an elegant Provençale Sauce.


Healthy & Delicious 5 Ingredient Recipes

Recipe eBook

The recipes inside will transform your lunches and dinners with easy-to-prepare dishes that taste great AND are packed with nutrition.Plus, most of them are meal-prep friendly so you can double or triple the recipes and have meals for days.And the best news is that every single recipe has just 5 ingredients or less! (Not including cooking oils and salt & pepper.)


Protein Packed Breakfast Recipes

Recipe eBook

These recipes will help you start your day feeling healthy, energized, and ready for whatever comes your way.Because as it turns out ... breakfast really IS the most important meal of the day!


Clean it up

Challenge Guide

Your body has an amazing built-in detox system to help battle toxins. But the fact is, our environment is teeming with potentially harmful chemicals. This guide will bring awareness around the toxins you may be exposed to, and help you reduce it wherever possible.


Fast & Easy Meal Prep Recipes

Recipe eBook

Take the stress out of meal time! Get recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner & snacktime! These recipes are delicious AND loaded with nutrition.


The Plant Powered Recipe Book

Recipe eBook

These recipes are good for your heart, waistline, blood sugar levels, energy, skin, and more! Feel good about what you're eating without sacrificing taste.


The Metabolic Jump Start Challenge

Challenge Guide

In just 5 days, you’ll be taking MASSIVE ACTION to help boost your calorie burn and accelerate your results! Containing information on both nutrition and workouts, this guide is a powerful tool.


Looking to switch up your exercise routine? Check out these eBooks for quick exercise plans designed to target specific areas!

Workout Guides & Challenges

6-Day Mobility Challenge

Exercise Guide

If you want a more flexible, supple, and agile body, you are in the right place. Mobility plays a huge role not only in your workouts but in your everyday life. This guide breaks down everything you need to know to help your body move better – and then helps you put that

knowledge into practice.


Stronger to the Core Challenge

Workout Guide

Your core works hard 24/7 to keep your body balanced and aligned. But often, our daily lives conspire against it and make our core’s job even harder! Over 5 days, we’ll be taking a 360º approach that will help balance and strengthen your core from every direction.


8-week Beginner 5K

Training Plan

This ebook will guide you through the basics and what you need to know to successfully complete your first 5K – whether you participate in an organized event or do it by yourself right in your own neighborhood.


These eBooks cover a variety of health related topics, all designed to help you feel your best and succeed in reaching your goals!

Other Guides & eBooks

Healthy At Every Age


The fact is, health & wellness is not a “set it and forget it” proposition. What your body & mind want – and need– changes at every age and stage of life. Taking advantage of your strengths through the decades is smart. So is giving a little extra attention to areas that need some TLC.


Goal Getting & Habit Stacking

Plan & Worksheets

We’ve specifically designed this workbook to help you break through your internal barriers, so that you can turn your goals into reality! Originally released in January of 2022, these tips, tricks, and worksheets can be used at any time.


Our free Facebook Group is an invaluable resource for your health & wellness journey! Join us for community & accountability, recipes and other helpful information, and connect directly with our staff.

Find Community in our Facebook Group


Something for every learning style! Check out the Podcast and YouTube channel for workouts, talks with experts, and more!

Podcasts & Videos

Nutrition & Fitness Made Simple with Coach Cailah


This is the podcast, where we uncover the strategies of how to design a life that is truly fulfilling. Success is the focus, and we’ll show you how to be successful in your health, in your daily life and even in your business!You’ll learn tips, tricks and even the myths of fitness/nutrition. You’ll hear from interesting guests on various aspects of life and business and you’ll walk away with clear and accurate information that helps you live a better and happier life.

Available on all Podcast platforms


Coach Cailah's YouTube Channel

Educational Videos

This awesome channel will take the complex aspects of nutrition, fitness, lifestyle, success and motivation and make it super easy to understand. You'll also find hundreds of free workout videos!


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Email Broadcast

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